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Day-to-day Operation

In the day-to-day operation of a business, one has the challenge of meeting deadlines and marketing objectives as well as the economical environment of a successful business. Growing your business and making sure that every aspect of the business is running according to plan and those operations are on schedule to meet the demanding deadlines of one’s clientele, financial risk and growth.  Not even taking into consideration the time consuming administration actions that needs to be performed that is part of the daily decisions of management. Add a little bit of dazzle and a lot of flair to this concept and you have a brand new exciting business venture called The Printing Ladies.

Friendship Became a Business Opportunity

A cup of tea can solve a lot of problems and this is how a friendship became a business opportunity.  When two friends saw the opportunity of printing with flair – and with one partner with more than sixteen years experience in the printing industry, and the other partner solid financial back ground as an accountant a new challenge arrived. And what used to be a man’s world these two ladies tackled the venture with lots of flair and are making a success of it. When dealing with The Printing Ladies it is not just a business transaction but also the start of a new business friendship.

A well know fact is that woman can multi task

This is the aim of these two business partners, to take the stress of printing and making sure that your print jobs are of high quality and delivered on time, is one of their goals. Strict process are put in place to ensure this standard of business is adhere to, not forgetting the short turnaround time with the best prices, and the touch of a woman…  Really puts one at ease when you know Susan and Connely is in charge of your next big marketing exposure or ensuring that the small sticker with your name on your product is of high standard.

These two Ladies are not afraid to tackle any printing job

From small to big from invitations to that big sign board; ensuring that your business cards is a true and professional image of your business.  This is one of the reasons why they deal with small enterprise, home business units to the International companies that are part of their port folio. Keeping up with the latest trends in the market regarding; printing, procedures, working in the Litho, Digital and wide format printing industry, don’t under-estimate these ladies when it comes to your next printing requirements.

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